Hair Vines

I definitely felt the pressure of choosing a hair accessory to wear on our big day. I have tried on so many tiaras (a perk of the job!) that I knew any of them would look lovely, I just had to make my personal choice.  I spoke to my hairdresser initially and we both decided that, although I have long hair, hair up was the right choice for me so that it stayed in place all day. Unfortunately, that actually didn’t narrow my choices, in fact it gave me more ideas. So, then I thought about my dresses (yes dresses – I did have two and they will both be on the next blog post!) and I felt that a tiara style wouldn’t be right for me because the ceremony dress was a floaty, relaxed style. I knew that a fantastic alternative to a tiara is a hair vine and they are so pretty. I often tell brides-to-be that sometimes you just need to make a decision and stick to it because the possibilities are endless, so I took my own advice. I sat down one evening and made my hair vine and it was perfect! I made it so that it would curve around the low bun hair style and used pearls, crystals and lilac heart shaped Swarovski crystals. I then made my bridesmaid a smaller hair vine to coordinate, which you can see in the photo too. They were so easy to put in on the day because the hairdresser styled our hair and simply pinned them in afterwards. They are light and you don’t know that you are wearing it so there is no temptation to fiddle! I was so happy with it on the day that I am going to expand my range of hair vines on the website.

Alternative Guest Book

There are so many ideas for an alternative to a guest book. The traditional guest book is lovely, but perhaps you are looking for something as a little extra. Ask your guests to share their ‘Key to a Successful Marriage’, by writing their message on a key tag and then hang it on a key hook. I am certain that some of the responses will make you emotional and some will make you cry with laughter!

Wedding Signs

In addition to the lovely stationery collections we have on the website, we also make gorgeous bespoke signs. These can be used to guide your guests through the venue, for sweets, flip flops, to let you guests know important information. They look great when they are all coordinated throughout your venue. There are some ideas below of some signs from our wedding day that were just a bit of fun! The red wooden sign is not for sale, but hopefully can be use for inspiration.

Wedding Time Capsule

On our wedding we decided to create wedding time capsules. We left a little jar, pens and slips of paper on every table with a sign to ask guests to draw a picture, leave a note or make a prediction and plan to open the jars on our first wedding anniversary.

It is SO tempting to take a peek in the jars but they are safely in the loft until next year! After all the excitment of the day, it is a little something extra to look forward to.


Brooch Bouquet Inspiration

I shared a blog post about making my brooch bouquet, what seems like forever ago now! I really enjoyed finishing collecting all the brooches and I loved that some of them were given to me by loved ones. We decided to keep mine all metal, sparkles and pearls. The bridesmaids wore ivory dresses on the day so adding purple tones to their brooch bouquets was a perfect way to add just a flash of colour. We had a lovely day making the bouquets together and once the brooches were in place I added thick, luxurious ribbon to the handle and to frame the brooches.

They attracted a lot of attention on the wedding day, with  guests commenting on how beautiful and unusual the bouquets were.

Mine is now sitting pride of place in my home and I will treasure it forever! I hope you like the photos, I would love to hear your thougths on Facebook or Instagram…


Our Wedding!

Well I am now officially now a married lady! We had the most wonderful day and the photos have captured perfect moments. So, rather than writing all about the wedding in a post, I thought I would post a photo every week and tell the story behind it. Our day was a little bit different because we had lunch at the venue with our immediate family before the ceremony, followed by the ceremony at 4pm, hog roast and then evening party.

I love this photo of my Mum. We all got ready at home in the morning with a hairdresser and make-up artist but after lunch the bridesmaids and I needed to get changed and freshen up before the ceremony. We were getting ready in the Bridal Suite and after lots of laughter getting changed (that’s another photo story!) we decided we needed more hair spray. My parents room was opposite and so I called to my Mum. She didn’t want to see me in my dress for the ceremony, so I was having to speak to her by popping my head around the door. I think Lilly (the photographer) caught a very special moment of excitement, anticipation and happiness just before taking our vows.

Wedding trends May 2014

We love wedding fayres because, apart from individual consultations, it gives us to talk to couples in person. This gives us the opportunity to find out about what is popular with weddings and for us to show off the quality of our products.

We attended a wedding fayre at Stevenage Arts on Sunday and it there were 3 key trends that shone through.

1)      The classic wedding

Lots of the couples we met on Sunday are opting for a classic feel to their wedding, using different neutral tones rather than splashes of colour. The 2 stand out designs that were being noticed were the ‘Classic Wedding Collection’ and the ‘Love Collection’, the ‘Beautiful Bride tiara also was chosen for this trend. The invitations will set the tone of these weddings and ooze elegance and romance.


2) With barns being so popular as wedding venues, it wasn’t a really surprise at how popular to ‘Rustic Wedding Collection’ was. The raffia, textured recycled cardstock, and (again) neutral tones are so perfect for this relaxed and rustic vibe.

3)      Plum! Every couple that has chosen this colour said that it is labelled as many things; wine, aubergine, burgundy, purple, but plum is the colour of the season. A rich cross between purple and burgundy, it is a fabulous colour that ‘pops’. We LOVE plum and ivory, with hints of green.


Would you use these trends for your wedding ?

Fiona xx

Bridal Jewellery Making Parties

Our bridal jewellery making parties are the perfect way to spend quality, relaxing time with your bridesmaids before the big day. We provide all the materials and tools needed and teach you all you need to know to make some beautiful pieces to be worn on the day and treasured afterwards.


The Complete Collection

It only seemed right to give the ‘Country Fair Collection’ its own blog post after the amount of wonderful compliments we received from couples and their friends and families at a recent wedding exhibition.


Stationery Secrets

Struggling to know where to start with your invitations? You are not alone! Choosing the design is so exciting because it is the start of your wedding build-up, but when it comes down to the finer details of wording and practicalities it can be very overwhelming. So I have put together some hints, tips and answers to the most frequently asked questions.